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Oshkosh day 6 (Stop the ride, this is where I get off.)

(writing this up a little late)

The last day of Oshkosh is bitter sweet, I’m glad I got to renew old acquaintances and I’m grateful that I got to meet new folks. I love getting to look at and shoot some great aircraft, old and new. The Show is great, the People are great, but it’s good to be home with The Lovely Wife and our child.

Sunday at Oshkosh is a great day for shooting the departures. A lot of aircraft are leaving and a lot of them are interesting or unusual. All told, I ended up taking just under 800 pictures on Sunday alone. Of course, most of these are several pictures of the same aircraft, and it helps when your camera will take 5 shots every second with automatic exposure bracketing. Out of the 800ish, I found about 70 worth keeping, which is on par with the rest of the trip. Of the 2,250ish pictures, round about 230 ended up on Flickr, and about 20% of those will end up in my gallery here when I have time. Hopefully in the next few days.



Heath Parasol

The bad thing about shooting the departures is that you don’t get to pick your angle, your lighting, or your aircraft. You have to take what you are given. As a result, all the shots come out looking the same. The same as all the others and the same as everybody else’s. I think this might be my last year shooting departures, unless the hue and cry of the masses (all 4 of you) wish it otherwise.



After shooting the departures, it was time for my last stint at the booth, then the breakdown. Booth duty was broken up by the arrival of the B-1s and the F-22 demonstration, followed by the heritage flight. Since I couldn’t get to the flight line, my shots of the raptor and the heritage flight are not as crisp as I’d like them to be. Fortunately it’s a big arse airplane, and close is relative.

From the Flight line:

From the Booth at Hanger B:

Heritage Flight




After the show, we went out to dinner (which Hal has chronicled Here) and then it was time to say good by. I had the first flight out so everybody was still sleeping when I caught my cab to the airport. One more Oshkosh under my belt. It was a blast. My thanks to my former coworkers at Microsoft for footing the bill again. See you (maybe) in Reno.

 More shots on Flickr

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